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July 1, 2022

Bettina Newbery

Clients need solutions to their marketing presence without technical involvement. As experts in this field, this is our service to you

Our webdesign and build process has 4 stages to get your custom-built website from start to completion.


Your website begins with a thorough, upfront process of meetings and discussions with yourself and your team, so we can develop a series of deliverables that allows us to work efficiently through the duration of the website build and lead to a successful launch

   •  project set-up with timeline & milestone set-up

   •  business objectives and Design objectives are laid down

   •  we expect you to write your customer profile brief

   •  you need to provide high-resolution imagery - if required, we can recommend a professional photographer



We create a custom website design based on your branding, colours, functionality requirements, and best usability practices. Your design will be unique to your company and set up for maximum conversion. Your website will consist of a combination of convention and creativity to ensure that your site visitors can find the content they need and enquire about your services.

   •  we develop your mobile and seo-optimised site layout to accommodate your site content, and that will be used to convert traffic into leads - you need to work on content for Homepage, Services, Products, About & Contact Us

   •  we present custom moodboard and website design concepts for Homepage, ​Inside pages and define page elements  such as headers, paragraphs, images, forms,  videos, links, etc

   •  we provide the initial proofing and loading of up to an agreed number of pages



Upon approval of the design, project authorisation and payment of the first instalment, we create custom sites whether they are 

   •   concise 'Business card' type for company presentation and project portfolio ideal personal and small businesses; we call those Micro-sites that allow you to advertise your business and services

   •  ballpark figure for Micro-sites: £850 + VAT set-up cost; £220 + VAT p.a. hosting

   •   fully bespoke sophisticated company presentations | Showrooms and Storefront optional; content can range from text, pictures, galleries, pdf downloadable files, embedded video, forms, and any element supported by our Platform

   •   ballpark figure for Classic bespoke sites: from £2,450 + VAT set-up cost; £400 + VAT p.a. hosting

   •   annual hosting fees cover small alterations of up to 30 minutes at a time a few times a year


The following custom modules may form part of your website

   •  forms: contact us, eNews subscription; all form data will automatically be collected in your site's database

   •  blog/news/press: we post new content and articles for you

   •  homepage: innovative slideshow that features new products or information with each slide displaying  title, subtitle, short description, links to other sections of the website



Before your website goes live, we review each web page to ensure that it meets scope specification. if your domain is registered with a different host, you will need to point your DNS setting to your new website on our server.





Please provide us with the following information

   •  describe your business

   •  define your target audience

   •  provide an illustrations, colour preferences etc. you may have

   •  company contact details

   •  social media links

   •  link to website if applicable


We will be in touch with our suggestions for your logo, cost and timeframe. If you agree to our suggestions, we will present 2 - 3 design concepts.

Across the years, we have developed graphic and photo visuals for websites as well as logos and straplines. To complete our service, we design innovative stationary and business cards.

You find a few examples for Branding projects on https://bettinanewbery.com/2009-date-BRANDING



We create a branded newsletter template and set up three email marketing lists that will have an easy sign-up facility via the website for news and special offers. At the point of every purchase or enquiry the customer will be prompted to add themselves to this marketing list



In context of developing your branding and web presence, we are able to offer the set-up of your Social Media, in particular INSTAGRAM, and the upfront planning and preparation of your Social Media content.




   •  SEO copy-writing / text optimisation; all our design concepts are seo-optimised; on request, we can optimise your website's content for relevant, traffic-rich meta tags [optimise page titles and meta descriptions]

   •  ​we set-up google analytics and google webmaster tools for regular reporting​





It is important to develop original photography and video that provoke a strong emotional response about your products and services. Our approach to photography is to conduct half day or full day photo shoots that yield a 'package' of images that can be used for not only your website, but all aspects of your online business such as social, email, and review sites. For that purpose, we bring in highly skilled freelancers that work with us on a regular basis.

DELIVERABLES may include half-day or full-day sessions



We know that you may require additional content about your business on your website other than what we are already developing. This might include additional pages, blog entries, imagery, frequently asked questions, and documents. We support and encourage this content to be created and added to your website.


Our disclaimer is that this content development or entry does not hold up the project process or our project milestones. Payment must not be withheld due to this content.


We design and code to the highest of standards and keep up with industry trends



Email DIGITAL@bettinanewbery.com for further information
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